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Searching for more light cover MindWarp by Alexander Ernst 2007
MINDWARP I: The Duo was originally formed by Alexander Ernst (ex-frontman "Freedom of Mind", "Gardenia" and "Sog" from Berlin) and Francesco Lenzi (ex-guitarist "Full Circle" and many other side-projects...) in May 2007. The MINDWARP-project worked mainly on acoustic cover-versions, focussing their attention especially to artists, coming from "Indie-Alternative-Rock". The Duo then worked on Psychedelic stuff of 60's and 70's, and re-covered some "Grunge" and "Stoner" track of the 90's, including more and more the electric guitar on their shows. At the end of August 2007 MINDWARP has recorded the first promo cd as MINDWARP: "SEARCHING FOR MORE LIGHT". Francesco Lenzi left the Duo in May 2008. MINDWARP II: The MINDWARP experience continued with a great live performance at the 48 Stunden Festival Neukoelln-Berlin in Germany in June 2008; featuring on guitar Davide "Moeller" Mollo (A dog to a rabbit, Not for You and Beat-less). MINDWARP III: In May 2009 the new guitarist Antonio (Otium from Rome and other projects) joint MINDWARP. The Duo changed partially their repertoire giving more importance to the inner dynamics of a song, more sound, more feeling for details and expressions. Since December 2009 MINDWARP is working with a second new guitarist...The work in progress is going on...See you soon live!!!!!!!!!
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