Free Wireless: Interview with my friends from the Ninux Community in Rome and Daniel Paufler from the Berlin Freifunk Community

Saverio from the Italian Ninux community has published a video interview Daniel Paufler and I conducted with them at the Wireless Community Weekend in Berlin. Thank you very much for the great montaggio! It is real fun to watch!

Interview to Ninux and Freifunk members at WCW2008 from Saverio Proto on Vimeo.

Direct Link:

In Berlin, at C-Base, people from wireless communities all around Europe meet to share ideas and experiences. See this interview by Mario Behling with free networks activists from and


Wie macht man Hummus? (Folge 7)

Heute macht er es endlich wahr. Flo Fleissig macht Hummus. Was braucht man dazu? Wo bekommt man es? Nachdem Flo die Zutaten in seinem Lieblingsgeschäft in Berlin Kreuzberg besorgt und ein Erfrischungsbier zu sich nimmt, geht es los.



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