I love fake

I love fake. During my last trip to Vietnam and China I just realised how much I love fakes and copies. I find them funny and innovative. Shoes, shirts, pants, belts, caps, even computers and telephones.. People are so creative. Actually what I love most is not the real looking fake. I love the real fake be it “Erke”, “Adiboss” or “Nuvea”. I took these pics in Doha, Qatar on December 13.

Unfortunately they did not have my size!

adiboss in Doha, Qatar, December 2007
White Adiboss shoes with stripes in different colors

adiboss in Doha, Qatar, December 2007
Brownish Adiboss shoes

erke in Doha, Qatar, December 2007
Blue Erke in Doha

All layers must be free in a a free civilization

Countless working examples of people creating free layers show the
huge potential of free and open systems. However interior and exterior
difficulties and problems in communities that are engaged in projects
like in the free software world cannot always be overcome.

Successful as well as failed ideas and projects can teach invaluable
lessons. To learn about the way people work together, their common
ideas, differences and their culture as well as about the opposition to
these ideas does not only teach us a lot about the successful
organization of free layered projects, it could indeed teach us some
basic lessons how a free society could work.

I believe a civilization where all layers are free, a civilization with a culture of free exchange and collaboration can guarantee a truly free society.

To know what difficulties lie ahead in the creation of a free civilization, or rather free societies, and what strategies and solutions
are available, we should look for answers in the communities engaged in
free layered projects that are already successful today as well as to
projects that encountered problems, splitted up or even stopped working